Mentor a team

FIRST Tech Challenge mentors are a cohort of passionate enablers – unlocking curiosity in young people towards STEM subjects and careers, while raising awareness and aspiration.

Inspirational role models

Drawn from all educational backgrounds and careers – mentors are the engine of FIRST® Tech Challenge. A critical source of inspiration and guidance to teams – empowering them to ask the right questions and seek out the answers – mentors:

  • prioritise and focus efforts
  • help navigate learning resources
  • encourage and foster relationships
  • demystify careers and raise awareness of opportunities
  • add technical knowledge and STEM experience to the team
  • bring practical tools and real-life experience into the classroom

“Connecting with young people at this age and point in their lives is really important; there was nothing like this when I was their age. I would have loved it – it’s great for them, they can understand what they want to be when they’re older.”

Matt, JCB mentor

The commitment

Teams typically meet at least once per week during term time, between September and March – usually as part of an organised after-school club.

The amount of time a mentor can devote varies based on personal circumstances, work and other commitments. Some attend all meetings face to face, while others meet every other week – utilising modern technology to get the best out of the mentoring relationship. Some mentors share the responsibility with a colleague to ensure their team gets full coverage.

Mentors typically travel with the team to their regional tournament, a one day event in January or February, in order to help them compete. They could even accompany the team to the global championships in the USA if they progress!

Express interest in mentoring

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