People are the engine of FIRST Tech Challenge – role models from all walks of life sharing a desire to spark curiosity in young people to explore, challenge and grow.

Be a Game Changer

‘I wish I had this opportunity when I was at school’ – a phrase we hear time and again from our community of team mentors and event volunteers. This dedicated squad of Game Changers invest the time and energy to provide a platform for young people to discover new skills, develop confidence and make the most of tomorrow’s opportunities.

Game Changers don’t need to be coders or have experience with robotics – just a passion for channeling the energy and curiosity every young person has – encouraging, guiding and supporting teams and individuals to be the best they can.

“The most rewarding moment for me today is seeing my senior staff – twenty, thirty years experience – interacting with young students; giving them the benefit of their experience and inspiring them to become engineers of the future.”

Tim, Senior Director of Engineering, Qualcomm


Equip the next generation for the jobs of tomorrow. Develop your talent pipeline, focus learning and development of employees with tangible, relevant volunteering opportunities. Engage your workforce meaningfully to pursue their passion in the local community.


Join a global community of role models and positively impact young people in your local community. Challenge yourself in a new environment, reinvigorate a passion for STEM as you transfer skills, experience and knowledge to the next generation.


Drive social mobility, reach new undergraduates and raise aspirations in young people. Empower the next generation to study STEM in higher education and use the opportunity to implement a sustained year-long programme in priority schools.

Mentor a team

Mentors empower teams to ask the right questions and seek out answers, providing inspiration and guidance. Their real-life experience helps demystify careers and raise awareness of opportunities. An industry mentor was the number one request from teams in 2018-19.

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Volunteer at events

Not everyone can devote regular time to mentor a team but many are able to offer ad-hoc support. We rely on a squad of passionate and dedicated Game Changers from all backgrounds to fill technical and non-technical roles at robotics events.

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  • We build More Than Robots

    We invest in the young people who will invent the future. We’re a tech charity using robots, role models and competitions to equip young people with the technical know-how and soft skills to thrive.