More than after-school provision

Supported by industry mentors FIRST Tech Challenge UK provides young people a platform to think, operate and collaborate like a business.

Expeditionary learning

FIRST Tech Challenge UK empowers young people to develop technical knowledge and soft skills whilst broadening understanding of STEM education and careers. Taking on a global challenge supported by industry mentors, young people:

  • Develop new skills outside of their comfort zone
  • Collaborate across year groups
  • Understand education and career pathways
  • Engage with employers, further and higher education
  • Earn team awards and individual accreditation
  • Become well-rounded citizens empowered to own their future

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FIRST Tech Challenge UK enables our academies to deliver an engaging enrichment programme, career development opportunities and supports the STEM curriculum. The quality and reach of their programme is excellent.”

Jemima, Enrichment Manager – National Enrichment Lead, Ormiston Academies Trust

Accreditation at the highest level

All FIRST Tech Challenge UK participants can achieve an Industrial Cadets Gold Award and British Science Association CREST Gold. Our e-learning platform and Engineering Notebook make this process super easy.


Virtual and remote learning

Our e-learning platform ‘Makerspace’ blends curriculum-mapped digital content with hands-on sessions.

  • Teams – access virtual robotics simulator and online resources created by teachers, industry and young people


  • Teachers – receive confidence-boosting training and content mapped to Key Stages 3 & 4 and Gatsby Benchmarks


  • Mentors – access training and team content

Tailored provision

Whether you’re working in mainstream, alternative, or special educational needs settings there’s a provision for you. Choose from lunch-time sessions, after-school clubs or in timetable delivery.

Single team

Perfect to test the ropes and ease into the programme. One kit serves up to 15 young people.

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Multiple teams fosters competition, supports peer-to-peer mentoring and enhances performance.

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Full cohort

Mapped to key curriculum points at KS3&4 FIRST Tech Challenge can be delivered in timetable at scale.

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Global community

FIRST connects over 600,000 young people globally each year. Our hub network brings together champions schools, businesses, universities and volunteers to help build more than robots.


Role models from industry, local business, the STEM Ambassador network, or passionate parents. Mentors guide teams as they build, challenge and discover.

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Champion Schools are a focal point for teams to connect throughout the season, supported by industry partners, STEM hubs and universities.

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Social media

FIRST Tech Challenge places collaboration above competition. Teams use social media to deliver community outreach, share progress, tips, and offer support.

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Flexing our support

We’ve developed a delivery model that caters to uncertain times. Our education team is busy building new virtual content and remote learning opportunities. Here’s what next season might look like.

Build more than robots!

Take on the UK’s most epic STEM enrichment programme for young people. We’re ready to support your team and make STEM less intimidating and more inclusive.

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  • We build More Than Robots

    We invest in the young people who will invent the future. We’re a tech charity using robots, role models and competitions to equip young people with the technical know-how and soft skills to thrive.