More than mentoring

Mentors from all backgrounds inspire young people to ask the right questions and seek out answers.

Inspire a generation

‘I wish I had this when I was at school’ is a phrase we often hear from our mentors. Game Changers donate their time and energy to help young people to explore, challenge and grow. Whatever your background or skillset you can coach teams to:

  • Prioritise and focus efforts
  • Navigate learning resources
  • Collaborate and build relationships
  • Learn new tools and practices
  • Absorb your industry experience

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“Connecting with young people at this age and point in their lives is really important; there was nothing like this when I was their age. I would have loved it. It’s great for them; they can understand what they want to be when they’re older.”

Matt, Mentor and Engineering Apprentice, JCB

Put down that robotics PHD

We don’t expect mentors to be robotics or programming whizzes! Game Changers come from a variety of backgrounds – from HR to the Automotive industry – what unites them is a passion for inspiring young people.

And don’t worry, we won’t just throw you to the robots. Mentors have access to Makerspace, our online learning platform. It’s home to a comprehensive resource library and dedicated modules to help new mentors get up to speed.

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Work flexi-time, online

This season, mentoring is going virtual! We’re connecting teams with mentors who can support remotely, as each team adapts to a new way of working. As a virtual mentor, combine the rewards of mentoring with a busy life – through videoconferencing and emails – using technology to keep teams on track.


From September, help your team find their feet, form and norm. Talk strategy, learn the basics, help them build their brand and their confidence.


From January, teams focus on design, build, iteration and testing. Lots of challenges to overcome, problems to solve and ideas to test. Help the team find solutions.

Event season

From April, it’s all about getting match-ready. Help your team develop their game strategy and fine-tune their judge’s presentation on the road to competition.

Find your dream team

Once signed up, we’ll connect you with one or more teams in need of a mentor, based on your expertise and availability. As a virtual mentor, you could be supporting an isolated school from across the country!

Or perhaps you live or work near a school, are a parent and want to get your own team assembled – encourage them to register online.

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Join the engine of FIRST Tech Challenge UK donate your time and expertise.  Your real-life experience will transform young lives.

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